Cape Fear River Watch and Farmer’s Market

Now that I live in Wilmington, I’m really excited to get involved with the volunteer opportunities here. And, in light of my determination to go green, reduce my carbon footprint, and help save the planet, Justin and I sacrificed sleeping in this Saturday to help with the Cape Fear River Watch.

Wilmington natives are most likely familiar with this awesome opportunity, but for anyone who isn’t in Wilmington, River Watch is an organization that helps with water and river quality. This particular volunteer program cleans trash out of rivers and riverbanks. I was really excited to see quite a few people there, including my coworker/good friend Allie and her boyfriend Nick! Sticks, bags, and gloves were provided for us. Below are some photos from the morning, taken by Bernie, our motivated and awesome organizer, and Allie! Clicking on the photos will take you to the Cape Fear River Watch Website.





Allie climbed out first and I followed – My shoe untied and I almost fell in -_-


I’m particularly happy with my heroic pipeline pose >_>







We got what we could! There’s still more trash that we couldn’t reach even with the long grabber sticks. This photo unfortunately doesn’t showcase every awesome person who came out. We all kind of got separated and cleaned different spots.

I felt really, really good after this morning! My soul felt good, my body felt good…all was good. After, even though we were wet and soggy, Justin and I hauled over to the Cape Fear Farmer’s Market and we picked up some homemade goat cheese, organic cat nip, corn, okra, rosemary and thyme to plant in pots on the porch, and organic ground goat.


IMG_4375 The vendors were drool-worthy. I wanted some of the homemade bread but I’m still on a bit of a budget (haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet) so I’ll have to wait, it was a wee bit pricey. But when I have the money, I’ll be purchasing a hand-woven basket, some beeswax candles, and other goodies I can’t wait to get my hands on!


This is my French thyme and pink rosemary! I wanted to buy out the whole herb vendor. The lady’s prices were amazing and she was so kind and very helpful in giving me advice to start my porch garden. Since taking this photo I have potted the herbs, thanks to my awesome neighbor Angie who has a thriving porch garden!

I actually may have a few more posts born of this weekend. Since our apartment is lined by a bamboo forest, Justin went and foraged some fallen stalks and is currently making them into some sunshades for the porch a gate for the porch! And I’m hoping to experiment with some lip balm making supplies I have but never used!

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!