Whew! Sorry for the delay in posts – what a busy week it’s been! I’m in the last few weeks of training at work, balancing my social life with work life and STILL trying to get this apartment organized. I need to up my dumpster diving game because on my budget, even thrift store prices seem a little hefty!

So I want to start something I’ll hopefully be able to keep up every week. I want to call it “Yumday” where every Sunday or Monday I’ll post a yummy, organic, and hopefully all local ingredient recipe!

Today I’ll start with something extremely simply. I call it “Skinny Pizza”.

I love love love love love love love pizza. But I don’t like processed meat, cheese, sauce, dough, or non-organic anything so if I order it or (gasp) buy frozen, that means I’m on a SERIOUS budget! And the calories in pizza, I can’t even…and then you pair it with some cheap beer, you may as well just go eat at KFC!

(I am not judging. The amount of pizza and cheap beer I have consumed, and probably will consume again, in my life is probably enough to feed a small town. Because I am human and imperfect.)

So anyway, Skinny Pizza is something I made on Sunday because I wanted the taste of cheese, tomato and basil in my mouth without having an actual pizza. This is what I did instead:

photo 3

I took a piece of organic seed and grain toast from the Great Harvest Bread† Company (I have the Dakota bread. Chock full of grains and seeds!), slapped on some homemade goat cheese, topped it with farm fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper, and organic basil from my porch garden.

Simple. Local. Organic. Easy.

And that’s one of the things I love about “Health Food” – it’s not like you have to go all out. It can be just like this.

So that’s my Yumday post! I’m sure I’ll do something more intricate soon, but let’s start out simple 🙂

Other than that, I’ve been working, tending my porch garden, and reading about Ayurvedic medicine. I WILL be fixing my lip balm soon too.


photo 2

photo 1I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!