Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day

Hi everyone!

Last time I posted, I talked about what I had been through since mid November of last year. Things were extremely difficult and I went to a very dark place for a while. Thankfully, with the love and support of my friends and family, I was able once again to return to the light.

I began thinking about my life. Literally from day one. If I wanted I could chronicle it, I have every diary I’ve ever kept since I was 8. What would I call it? I don’t have an answer for that yet, but I do have a revelation.

No one wants pain. No one wants to have to go through emotional, physical, or legal battles. However, every choice we make in this life is part of something bigger. You can call it God’s plan, you can call it fate or destiny. I like to think of it as a fortress of sorts, every stone placed by a Great Architect.

Ever since I was little I dreamed of a sort of pioneer life. Nothing too rustic, I will never give up running water, but I always saw myself in the country. A garden, since I’ve always had a garden, chickens, maybe even some goats. Working land has just always been in my mind. As I grew older the desire grew with me, but the reality of actually attaining it grew dim. These things cost money and in this day and age, even just a livable income can be difficult to come by.Growing older meant prioritizing. I never forgot my dream but more important things had to come first.The other night I was sitting on the couch and I realized…I’m here. I have it.

I actually have everything I dreamed of.

I live in a little brick house in the country on a half acre. I live with a man I love deeply that I met in high school. I have a garden started, and we have plans to fence in the yard and put in a chicken coop.

We have land to work.

When I look back on everything, there is so much pain and darkness. But every single choice I’ve made, every single one since day one, has put me where I’m at right in this moment. Nothing in life will ever be perfect, and I know in the future there will be ups and downs, arguments and make ups, and I can tell you with confidence that I genuinely look forward to that future.

Why? Because all that pain I went through helped me achieve my dream.

Remember to take pain in stride. It exists to help you grow, and in truth we never stop growing. I don’t want to give the impression that I will never go through pain again. The point I want to make is that there comes a point where the pain makes sense. We stop asking why and instead begin to see why.

Be well my friends. And rest assured, as this little homestead grows, there will be many photos ❤



Why Dandelions are Awesome

The first house I ever lived in was a fairly large, very old farmhouse on a large plot of land in a rural town in Connecticut. Our doctor lived just up the road and our neighbor old man Probst would visit from time to time. It was nice, quiet living for my family of five.

I have a very distinct memory of my dad bringing me outside with a bucket, and he told me to pick the dandelion leaves. I was confused at first but then he popped one in his mouth and ate it! I had no idea, but he’s my dad, so I followed suit. Maybe this is where I got my leafy greens addiction.

I hate when they are called weeds. Dandelions are not weeds. They are a healthy, harvestable edible plant that could save your life if you’re ever lost in the woods with no food! And they literally grow everywhere. Everywhere.


Roots: You can use the roots to make tea. You just can cook them and eat them. You can also use them to make a tincture. The roots can help to detox the kidneys, alleviate skin problems, fight fever, aid in digestion, and a multitude of other issues.

Greens: SALAD! Of course. Put ’em on a pizza, put ’em on a sammich, you can do anything with these greens. They are slightly bitter but seriously delicious.

Flowers: Yes, you can eat these bright bursts of sunshine. You can use them to make wine. Dandelion wine. It sounds like something teeny little sparkly fairies would drink from a chalice made out of a buttercup. You can make syrup, jelly, or you can just fry them up!

Here is a link to a list of 40 things to do with dandelions:


Always make sure you are using plants that have NOT been sprayed with chemicals or pesticide!


Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Who is the worst blogger in the world? I am!

I won’t make excuses for my absence, but I truly have been extremely busy with work and home life. But I woke up today with a renewed sense of…everything. Not sure what happened, but I just woke up ready to go!

So many goals I want to achieve – weight loss, making my own beauty and cleaning products, learning to make my own clothes, I just want to learn it all!

Not only that, but Justin and I are finally making money. When I say that, I don’t mean it to sound bad, but when we lived in Charlotte, we couldn’t find sustainable work anywhere. Now we are finally able to make enough money and have the ability to save. Because of this, and being in our mid to late twenties, there have been many discussions about our future.

Our goal is to save enough money in the next two years or so to buy a house with land in the mountains. It seems ridiculous, but it’s all we’ve ever talked about and now we have the ability to go for it!

So, dreams, goals, etc, everything will be recorded on this blog because I refuse to be a bad blogger. I just need to manage my time better.

Expect more from me! Because I expect more from myself 🙂