I’m Going Through Changes Now

Hello everyone!

Well, as the title and video would suggest, I am still going through a series of changes. First, obviously, I finally changed the blog header!

I’m about to leave Wilmington. My best friend and I discussed it a while ago, and I decided the best thing for me is to move back to Charlotte. She is literally saving my life by letting me rent a room in her beautiful house for next to nothing, in a city where I can grow professionally and personally.

I’m scared, but excited, and also sad. It’s been kind of a crazy ride these past few years…a lot has happened. Most of it is recorded here on this blog, so thank you for sticking with me! I may go dormant for a bit but I’ll try to update as much as possible, and once I get to Charlotte, I have so many plans and I’ll actually have the ability and means to carry them out, so stay tuned my friends!




A Loss is a Loss…

Okay guys, here’s the deal.

Two nights ago, my boyfriend was driving my car home from work because his Subaru has a blown head gasket. He was stopped in traffic when a young woman blasted through a yellow light and smashed into him, wedging my car beneath a large SUV. Everybody is okay, except for Justin’s whiplash.

Since my car is was old and also the smallest car involved in the accident…well, my sweet Bella is dead.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 6.27.38 AM


….I could talk about a lot of things right now. I could take about my anger at losing the car I loved and took care of for 9 years. I could talk about the woman who hit my car, and how she lied to the police to make my boyfriend seem at fault (even though she hit him). I could talk about how the police officer spoke to me and Justin like we were idiots, called our papers “junk”, and mixed everything up.

But really, I just miss my car so much. And I’ve been beating myself up because, as one of my friends so lovingly put it, “It’s just a material object.”

I’ve been thinking about that, and why it’s so wrong to love inanimate things. I got my car when I was 16. She was a part of me. I’ve laughed on road trips, I’ve cried on the steering wheel, slept in the front seat, moved her across numerous states, fixed her, washed her…

So I allowed myself to feel angry. I let myself get enraged, furious, scream and cry until my face turned crimson. I allowed myself to feel these negative emotions because it’s okay. It’s healthy. It’s human.

It’s so important to focus on the good: no one got seriously injured, my neighbors generously helped us through the turmoil, my parents are letting us borrow their third car until I can get another one. But if you go through something like this, where something or someone you loved unconditionally is suddenly ripped away from you, it’s okay to let yourself get mad. It doesn’t make you cynical, pessimistic, or negative. It makes you human.

So…that’s it, really. Don’t be afraid to be human.



Riverboat Landing and East

This is a belated post – and by belated I mean I meant to do this about two weeks ago. I know, my schedule is still being set. Two days in the office, three days work from home, budgeting time around my boyfriend, pets, and hobbies, plus keeping this new, big apartment clean…it gets very hectic.

Two weeks ago my parents came to visit! They arrived on a Saturday and stayed until Monday. It was very exciting, because I hadn’t seen them in forever, and they brought over some stuff (including farm fresh eggs from their free range chickens!!)

So this blog is about eco friendly, organic living with a Wilmington vibe – So I’d like to point out two restaurants we went to while my parents were here.

The first restaurant we went to was called Riverboat Landing. It’s a beautiful, medium sized restaurant right on the Cape Fear River in downtown Wilmington. The building itself is very old, and there are private two person verandas with cute little tables! We sat inside because we were four, and while their menu isn’t huge, the choices are phenomenal. To be honest, I didn’t get photos of the food we had there, because I was so wrapped up in my parents’ company, but we had the crispy pickles, and then we all got the burger, which was perfectly cooked and delicious. My dad strayed from the pack and got the Ahi tuna. Everything is local, fresh, and well priced.

In case you haven’t been to Downtown Wilmington, here’s a sunset shot of my parents in front of the Cape Fear River at sunset, and another with the Battleship in the background:




It’s pretty freaking beautiful where I live. Not going to lie.

The next day, Justin and I met up with my parents at their hotel on Wrightsville beach. We found my mom lounging in a chair on the shore, eyes closed, taking in the sea air and sounds. Sometimes I think my mom is a mermaid, because she’s obsessed with the ocean, and I like that.

After a few hours on the beach and looking for shells with my dad (our favorite beach past time), we went up to their room for showers and changing for dinner.


Mom snapped this photo of Justin and I.

After we had all changed and freshened up, we headed down to the magnificent hotel restaurant, East Oceanfront Dining.

I’ve only lived in Wilmington a couple months, but East Oceanfront Dining is definitely the best restaurant I’ve been to. The menu is small but has a lot of variety, and is VERY vegetarian and vegan friendly. Though I did not have the veggie friendly option, I was extremely excited to see it.

Once seated we were given warm rolls baked with whole cloves of garlic and a to die for white bean spread. Honestly I could have eaten just that and been happy!

We started with the Low Country Caprese, an incredible blend of fried green tomatoes, local goat cheese, country ham, and sorghum vinaigrette. We also had the Korean Pork Belly “Tacos”, which consisted of Heritage Farms pork, butternut kimchi, Asian BBQ, and micro cilantro. Both appetizers were absolutely to die for, though the tacos were definitely my favorite.


Incredible. Absolutely, insanely incredible and wonderful.

For the main course, I opted for the Crispy Tuna, which had a panko and nori crust, stir fried bok choi, and shitake ragout, and i changed the cilantro rice to black quinoa salad.



It was heaven. I never wanted it to end.

Mom had the crab cakes which were perfectly cooked, and dad and Justin both got the Korean BBQ Osso Bocco, which was equally delicious. Everything was local, fresh, and each bite was a gentle reminder that I live in a beautiful world.


Food and family are in my top three favorite things in the world, and that’s genuine happiness on my face right there.

So if you’re in Wilmington, and even if you’re not staying at the Blockade Runner Hotel (Where East Oceanfront is located), please indulge yourself in the incredible food, and wonderful service, this restaurant has to offer.



Hopefully a Yumday post tomorrow!

Much love.