Frugal Meals: Veggie Soup

I realized I had a some veggies that were about to go bad on me. I don’t like wasting food, especially in the predicament I currently find myself in, so I thought hey…lets throw them all in a pot and see what happens!


I chopped up some carrots, onion, garlic, and asparagus and opened a can of chickpeas to round it all out.


Then I sauteed them all in a pot. Onions first, then carrots, then the asparagus, and the garlic was last because garlic burns so easily. I then added salt, pepper, dill, and rosemary. Oh, and a touch of turmeric.


Then I put this baby in there. I let it boil then simmered for about 15 minutes.


Then I had a soup that lasted me a few days, and it was healthy!

It’s been tough being unemployed. I’ve been a little afraid to put myself back out there, while being even more terrified of the coming months. Will I have enough money to keep this roof over my head? To keep my power on? My internet? It’s rough trying to stay positive in a time like this, but it’s times like these that positivity is one of the most essential tools to have.

In order to keep myself sane, I’ve been playing around with creative ideas. I’m going to try and integrate this blog with my Etsy shop, along with another idea I have that is in the early stages of development.

So…keep hanging out with me, perhaps you’ll see some cool stuff!

Thanks everyone, much love!


I did it again!

I am the worst blogger ever.

Things have been so super hectic around here…two weeks ago we went on a camping trip, followed immediately by my company implementing a TON of new changes, so that’s been fun/challenging, I have more cross stitch commissions, and just a lot of stuff has been going on I have barely had time to breathe let alone blog.

But I wanted to at least talk about the camping trip!

We left early Friday morning, packed up the car with our backpacks, tent, and dog, and started the five hour journey to Pisgah National Forest.We were the first ones of the group there, so we settled into the last campsite available. Unfortunately, it was littered with trash, and one hollow tree stump in particular was obviously used as the previous camper’s toilet. Gross.

People began showing up, we got our fire started, and let the good times happen! My boyfriend grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and he’s used to backpacking – where you pack super light. We also were only going to stay one night but that turned into two, so our rations did not last us very long at all. Luckily the people we were with all brought more than enough and were very willing to share.

The first night was rough. Our tent leaked and it down poured. Justin has a mummy bag so he was fine, but I was very cold in my regular sleeping bag because that’s where the leak was.

But the next day I pushed through and warmed myself by the fire and had freeze dried bacon and eggs.

The second day a hiking trip was planned, but I really just wanted to sit around the fire so two other ladies and I stayed back and drank beers while we stuffed easter eggs for the kids that were with us. It was super fun, although I learned dark chocolate and beer don’t mix too well.

Everyone returned and we were all still hanging out, but as the sun fell, a bitter cold followed.

I stayed huddled by the fire, but once it was bedtime, I crawled into my sleeping bag with my pants on, a tank top, t shirt, flannel, and coat, but I woke up around 5:45 AM frozen to the bone. I actually started to cry because I have never in my life felt that kind of cold before. Once it was light enough, I pulled my sneakers on and got as close to the fire as I could. I didn’t feel warm again until halfway through the ride home, when I made Justin crank the heat in the truck.

I was cold, dirty, and aching in places I didn’t know existed, but I loved it. While I need better gear, I wouldn’t mind living in a tent once I master the art of using the woods as my bathroom. Cooking over a campfire, being able to see tons of stars, listening to the owls and birds and crickets…it was amazing.

I loved being so close to nature. I’ve been spoiled working at home in the luxury of my apartment, and it’s nice to be humbled by the earth and the elements.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.24.14 PMBasecamp

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.24.31 PM


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.24.41 PM

Justin in his hammock with our beautiful dog

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.24.51 PM

Cooking over the fire

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.24.59 PMWarmth

I cannot wait for our next camping trip! I loved everyone and had a blast! Maybe we will try camping on the beach next!


Ugh! I hate when I accidentally take a hiatus!

It’s not that I forgot about my blog or anything, I just randomly got like super, super busy. Work exploded, the apartment exploded, desperately trying to get organized, cross stitch commissions, binging on Z Nation and being a couch potato… you know how it goes.

Anyways, I’ve had some ideas bouncing around in my head. More ways to live simply and organically.

My whole life I’ve been drawn to plants and herbs. Growing up, I didn’t have very many friends so I usually found myself in the kitchen with my VERY Italian mom while she cooked. I learned a lot about homemade food preparation, safe handling methods, flavor profiles, etc. This came in handy once I was on my own (I’ll never forget the time my older sister called from college asking how to boil water…-sigh-) because I was able to make things last longer, which was awesome during the broke art school days.

Lately the interest has been sparked again. I really want to be able to use plants and herbs for more than just flavoring foods. I want to have the knowledge and know-how to use them medicinally. I’ve been on Pinterest almost all morning, reading about Herbology, and I cannot wait to start learning more!

So be prepared for more posts about herbs and their healing powers and properties. I’m really excited, I want to buy like every single book on the subject. I know I already have some books at my parents house, so I need to hold it together and not spend too much money until July when we make the six hour car ride down there, and I will happily rummage through boxes of my old stuff to find them.

Happy Sunday everyone!