DIY Lip Balm Attempt One

Sunday Funday! I actually never understood the term Sunday Funday because tomorrow is Monday which means 6:00 AM, 9-6, workday grind but…whatever.

Today started out bumpy but after the tizzy was over I was sitting on the couch and said, “I have all the stuff to do it, so I’m going to try and make my own lip balm.”

I followed a recipe I found on Wiki How and got to work and added my own flair.



1/2 oz beeswax, pellets or shaved. I used pellets.

1/4 tsp dried lavender

1 tsp sweet almond oil

1 drop Vitamin E oil

(Shea butter is pictured but I didn’t use it)



Set the beeswax in a double boiler and allow to heat up. when they start looking shiny and sticky, add the lavender.



Wait for it to melt. Stir occasionally, and once fully melted, add one teaspoon of sweet almond oil and one drop of Vitamin E oil. I don’t have a photo because I blurred it pretty badly. When you add the Vitamin E oil, it’s going to solidify a little bit but just stir stir stir and it’ll combine.



When it’s all melty and combined, pour into a container of your choice. I used an eyedropper to fill sterilized plastic lip balm tubes.

Okay…So this is where I may have messed up. I got a feel for the dried product off the stirrer, and I may have needed a bit more oil. It felt a bit hard but did become softer as I handled it. So what I would suggest is to “sample” it before you pour it. Dry a little bit of it and see how it feels on your skin.

My other mistake is I’m unsure if I filled the containers enough. Small mistake, but I’ve never done this before so it’s part of the learning process. I’m determined to get it right, because even some “organic” lip balms still have a ton of chemicals, and the “good” ones can really empty your wallet.


They’re still drying, it takes about three hours. I will definitely update about how they turn out when they’re done.

I’ll leave you for now with a photo of my potted herbs!



I hope everybody’s weekend was awesome!


So the lip balm DID come out super hard and not able to use really – but I plan on correcting this soon, and I’ll be sure to explain how I fix my mistakes!