Okay, so…

My last post was pretty short. I was feeling angry and depressed. That’s normal to feel after losing a career of three years. My career was the reason I ended up in Wilmington three years ago. I definitely feel lost, but I’ve begun to feel slightly…excited? Is that the right word?

I’ve decided that, alongside of searching for a new job, I’m going to start focusing on some of my creative projects that my old career kept me from working on. I’m not saying I’m going to completely bum around, but I put so much of my time and energy into that company, that I’m ready to take some me time, even if my budget is razor slim.

One fun project I’m going to be working on is this:

Because of my slim budget, grocery shopping is going to be very interesting. I’m going to be focusing a lot on what I already own, canned foods, etc. So I’m hoping to post any interesting recipes I create out of what I already own.

I feel like this is going to go one of two ways: Either I’m going to start off like really strong, making delicious meals, and slowly have a downturn, or it’s just going to be godawful the whole way through haha.

Tonight’s dinner actually went pretty well! I’ve had an HT Trader’s flatbread in my freezer for a while, topped with tomatoes, onions, and vegan Italian sausage. I gotta say, it was pretty good! The sausage had very little flavor but the classic taste of mozzarella and tomatoes always makes me happy.


So, yeah. Started out good. I’m feeling optimistic.

Have a great night everyone!



Well. Here we are again. I stopped posting because of how busy I’d been. My job was basically my life.

But I got laid off yesterday.

So…as I try to put this puzzle back together, maybe now I’ll be able to post more regularly. I’ve got a couple things I’ve been doing lately that I’d like to post about. But not today. I just wanted to drop in, post a quick update, and allow myself to be devastated for one more night.

Be well, my friends


Life has been handing me some lemons lately, and it has been very tiring trying to deal with them. This is one of the reasons I’ve been quiet.

This is normal for people my age. I realize that. At midnight on my birthday last month I began having a mid life crisis that I didn’t have much time to truly think about until recently.

When I was 20, living in my very first apartment, I discovered minimalism and began my first ever blog. While that blog is now long lost in the blogosphere, I’ve never really stopped trying to declutter my life. If you knew me personally and have been inside my current apartment, you would not guess that about me. I am very cluttered and I have a lot of sentimental things. But, it has come to my attention that I truly do need to minimize and begin a journey of mindfulness.

So the slow process begins…I want to downsize and rid myself of excessive things that I do not need. I plan on minimizing how much plastic I use, and be better about recycling. I also have begun independent study into medicinal herbalism, and will be trying my hand and creating my own salves and balms!

That’s it for now. I just wanted to make a quick update in between my busy work day hours. We’re nearing the end of our busy season, so soon I’ll have more time to blog and create!

Have a wonderful day!



Rolling in the Hurricane

Tropical storm Hermine blew through my port city with a vengeance, but in it’s wake left us with two full days of absolutely gorgeous weather. The last two mornings have been in the mid sixties with zero humidity and I hope things continue this way, because I’m sick of summer and Autumn is my favorite season.

So on my ever-changing journey of diet tweaking, I’ve been learning more and more about my body and “experimenting”, if you will, with different foods, variations of different foods, to see what I can truly ingest and how it makes me feel. Here is what I’ve learned so far:

Veganism is awesome, but it’s not 100% for me. Currently my diet is extremely plant heavy, but I’ve reintroduced fish. My body loves fish.

In moderation, I can have bread as long as it is whole wheat, or rye, or anything but processed white bread. I believe my sensitivity is more so on the bleached flour than gluten itself.

At some point, I am going to reintroduce chicken into my diet. Reasons for this are slightly personal, which sounds weird, but also I do not want to go through a fall/winter season without my amazing chicken soup. Of course I will only purchase organic, free range, grass fed hipster chicken to avoid unnecessary additives and pesticides.

Dairy…where oh where do I stand with dairy? Last week I had a rough day and, in my turmoil, said screw it and bought myself a wedge of fancy Brie cheese. I did not get sick. So, I’m going to keep dairy in small moderation. Cheese was really the only dairy product that I ever ingested anyway, because I think milk is disgusting and sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, and basically every other dairy product has made me sick.

So! All that being said, thank goodness I began eating fish again, because last week I discovered a brand new skill: I am really, really good at making sushi.

Honestly, I do not have that many skills. I’m not saying that to get pity or anything. It’s simply true: most things I do, I am wildly mediocre at.

One of my coworkers on my design team had the awesome idea to have a team sushi making lunch, and I immediately jumped on board because I would eat sushi every single day if I could (and now, I might). We all brought in ingredients and set up in the break room.


We had sticky rice, cucumbers, carrots, avocados, sashimi grade tuna, smoked salmon, cream cheese, crab, and a ton of different sauces. My coworker gave a tutorial on how to use the bamboo mats and we went to town!


This was my first roll. Look how freaking beautiful that thing is. I still need to master the ends of the roll but I’m not super worried about that.


My second one was a little more intense because I totally got the hang of it immediately. I shoved everything I could into that thing, except carrots. I’m not a big fan of carrots in my sushi. I ate the entire thing and was sleepy and sluggish the rest of the day but I did not care. It was amazing.

So once I master the sticky rice recipe, I plan on making a lot of sushi here at home and experimenting with different fillings. Learning you have a skill is so eye opening and exciting, I cannot wait to hone in on it!

I hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend was wonderful! And remember, wear whatever color you want after Labor Day, because you are in control of your own life and can do whatever you damn well please 🙂

I need to put something in my stomach other than coffee. Until next time!


The Art of Tofu

So many times I have been to a restaurant or someone has made something with tofu in it and it’s just soggy and bland. It’s no wonder why people make fun of it and say it’s gross. Tofu is an art, and it is not that difficult of an art to master. You gotta treat it right, and by right I mean squishing the bejesus out of it.

Let’s start from the beginning: You buy a block of tofu and it sits in the fridge for a few days, right? Do you eventually forget about it? Then it goes past the date? Like way past the date and you have to throw it out?

No longer shall this happen! I am here to teach you the art of tofu, starting with this easy recipe.

Okay so I forgot to take photos of the first part, but don’t worry, it’s super simple to explain. Once you take the block of tofu out of the package, you need to press it. Now, I have a fancy tofu press that my sister bought me years ago, but you can make a makeshift one by getting a plate and lining it with paper towels. Place the block on the lined plate, with another layer of paper towel on top. Place a tray on top, and weigh it down with books or cans. You’ll probably have to replace the paper towels a couple of times because I always have to press mine for about an hour, and you will not believe the amount of liquid. I highly recommend a press because it is less wasteful than using a bunch of paper towels, but it’s not necessary.

So you’ve got your squeezed out block of tofu. Now, it’s time to marinate!

Wait, let’s backtrack. I have tried two different steps to this: slicing the tofu first, and leaving it as a block. Slicing them first definitely seems to get a more even marinade, but either way was still really good, so do what you want 🙂 My favorite way to marinate tofu is with a simple mixture of soy sauce, liquid smoke, and cayenne pepper. There are thousands of ways to marinate: lemon pepper, salt and vinegar, hot sauce, literally anything you can think of, you can marinate tofu in. Marinate for at least an hour or two but I’ve marinated overnight before.


(To be fair I gave whole block marinating one more chance. It didn’t work as well yet again so just go ahead and slice!)



Heat up some coconut oil in a pan….


And cook! Now, Some people like to cook tofu for a really long time, some people don’t. I am one of those people who constantly flips things so I just go with the flow. Look, if you pressed and marinated it, it’ll be great 🙂


Look how pretty these savory little rectangles are!

So if you used my marinade, you now have a batch of salty smoky tofu. What to do? Ummmm a TLT obviously!


Now normally I would not use that much vegenaise but with BLTs the mayo was always heavy so I tried to make it as legit as possible. I just swallowed the last bite and now I am sad. But, now there’s a tupperware of these babies in my fridge so, I’m set for the week!

Let me know if you make these, what kind of marinade you use, and how it turns out!

Two Years and a Sandwich

Today marks my two year anniversary with this little blog! I know I took a couple hiatuses, some announced and some not, but I cannot believe I’ve been here that long and am continuing to grow!

So to mark my two year anniversary, I thought I would post my first 100% vegan recipe! I found this recipe over at The Vegan Stoner (teehee! I know someone I have got to buy their cookbook for…). It’s a fairly simple recipe for a wonderful sandwich. Cucumbers and dill are the main event, and for me, nothing screams summer like a fresh cucumber!

I added an ingredient to this recipe, which I will list below:


Two slices of vegan bread (I used Ezekial 4:9 Sesame gluten free bread)

About 1/4 cucumber, sliced thin

2-3 slices tomato

Alfaalfa sprouts (Optional, this is the ingredient I added)

Vegenaise (enough to spread on both slices of bread)




Toast the bread. Slice the cucumber and tomato. Mix Vegenaise with dill to taste.

Spread the dill-naise on the toasted bread, and layer in the cucumbers, tomato, and alfaalfa. Put it all together, serve with some multicolored carrots, and enjoy!


This sandwich was awesome, fast, and pretty cheap. It was also made me feel full without feeling stuffed, which is an awful feeling. I plan on making this again very soon, as it is the perfect lunch for the workweek!

As the weekend comes to a close, I’m preparing to have the most successful and productive week I can! I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend, and you shall hear from me soon!





So it’s August now, but I hope everyone had a GREAT Fourth of July holiday last month! I know I did. I went home to my parents’ house, and had two straight days of amazing food, drink, gun and bow shooting, swimming, and overall relaxing. I love going home, and now that I live further away it makes it all the more special. I cannot stress how important family is to me; they come first and foremost, and the love in my true home is unsurpassable.

This year has presented itself with a lot of changes so far. From becoming single to moving to a new apartment, it feels like every day has been a new adventure. About a month ago, I was enjoying a glass of wine on my porch one balmy Friday night and I was thinking about the past 26 years of my life.

I am generally a very happy, optimistic person. I was not always this way: toward the end of high school and the first two years of college, there was definitely a series of unfortunate events that kept me in a dark place for a very long time. There were a couple things that kept me going, but the one that stood out to me the other night was this: I was vegan.

It was an ethical choice, and I got lucky to have a very supportive family who helped me out. I kept learning all about food and new vegetables and how to cook them, and I have to say my cooking skills definitely improved. Once I was out on my own, I made the choice to eat eggs, dairy and meat again because it was easier on my minimum wage wallet. Recently, especially after having moved into my own place, I realized that I’ve been basically eating vegan this whole time. Then I made a new friend at open mic night, and he is vegan, which I took as a sign. I stopped flirting with it. I am now officially vegan.

I’m not going to preach my opinions or throw slaughterhouse videos in your face. I’m just giving y’all a heads up that my recipes are about to change! I’m pretty excited about going back, it was something that helped me when I was in the dark place, something dear to my heart, and something that makes me feel mentally and physically well.

Have a great weekend!