The Art of Tofu

So many times I have been to a restaurant or someone has made something with tofu in it and it’s just soggy and bland. It’s no wonder why people make fun of it and say it’s gross. Tofu is an art, and it is not that difficult of an art to master. You gotta treat it right, and by right I mean squishing the bejesus out of it.

Let’s start from the beginning: You buy a block of tofu and it sits in the fridge for a few days, right? Do you eventually forget about it? Then it goes past the date? Like way past the date and you have to throw it out?

No longer shall this happen! I am here to teach you the art of tofu, starting with this easy recipe.

Okay so I forgot to take photos of the first part, but don’t worry, it’s super simple to explain. Once you take the block of tofu out of the package, you need to press it. Now, I have a fancy tofu press that my sister bought me years ago, but you can make a makeshift one by getting a plate and lining it with paper towels. Place the block on the lined plate, with another layer of paper towel on top. Place a tray on top, and weigh it down with books or cans. You’ll probably have to replace the paper towels a couple of times because I always have to press mine for about an hour, and you will not believe the amount of liquid. I highly recommend a press because it is less wasteful than using a bunch of paper towels, but it’s not necessary.

So you’ve got your squeezed out block of tofu. Now, it’s time to marinate!

Wait, let’s backtrack. I have tried two different steps to this: slicing the tofu first, and leaving it as a block. Slicing them first definitely seems to get a more even marinade, but either way was still really good, so do what you want 🙂 My favorite way to marinate tofu is with a simple mixture of soy sauce, liquid smoke, and cayenne pepper. There are thousands of ways to marinate: lemon pepper, salt and vinegar, hot sauce, literally anything you can think of, you can marinate tofu in. Marinate for at least an hour or two but I’ve marinated overnight before.


(To be fair I gave whole block marinating one more chance. It didn’t work as well yet again so just go ahead and slice!)



Heat up some coconut oil in a pan….


And cook! Now, Some people like to cook tofu for a really long time, some people don’t. I am one of those people who constantly flips things so I just go with the flow. Look, if you pressed and marinated it, it’ll be great 🙂


Look how pretty these savory little rectangles are!

So if you used my marinade, you now have a batch of salty smoky tofu. What to do? Ummmm a TLT obviously!


Now normally I would not use that much vegenaise but with BLTs the mayo was always heavy so I tried to make it as legit as possible. I just swallowed the last bite and now I am sad. But, now there’s a tupperware of these babies in my fridge so, I’m set for the week!

Let me know if you make these, what kind of marinade you use, and how it turns out!


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