Two Years and a Sandwich

Today marks my two year anniversary with this little blog! I know I took a couple hiatuses, some announced and some not, but I cannot believe I’ve been here that long and am continuing to grow!

So to mark my two year anniversary, I thought I would post my first 100% vegan recipe! I found this recipe over at The Vegan Stoner (teehee! I know someone I have got to buy their cookbook for…). It’s a fairly simple recipe for a wonderful sandwich. Cucumbers and dill are the main event, and for me, nothing screams summer like a fresh cucumber!

I added an ingredient to this recipe, which I will list below:


Two slices of vegan bread (I used Ezekial 4:9 Sesame gluten free bread)

About 1/4 cucumber, sliced thin

2-3 slices tomato

Alfaalfa sprouts (Optional, this is the ingredient I added)

Vegenaise (enough to spread on both slices of bread)




Toast the bread. Slice the cucumber and tomato. Mix Vegenaise with dill to taste.

Spread the dill-naise on the toasted bread, and layer in the cucumbers, tomato, and alfaalfa. Put it all together, serve with some multicolored carrots, and enjoy!


This sandwich was awesome, fast, and pretty cheap. It was also made me feel full without feeling stuffed, which is an awful feeling. I plan on making this again very soon, as it is the perfect lunch for the workweek!

As the weekend comes to a close, I’m preparing to have the most successful and productive week I can! I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend, and you shall hear from me soon!




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