This is difficult…

Hey everyone,

I’m here to announce that I am taking a hiatus. I don’t want to, but it seems like the best thing to do. How long? That’s the hardest part. I probably won’t touch this blog until July/August.


Well, I have a lot going on. A lot. There are huge changes happening at my company and I’m going to be putting in a lot of late nights. I need to try and make time for my creative projects for my own sanity, and most importantly, my boyfriend has decided to move out in July.

We aren’t breaking up (he says) but apparently his hatred for Wilmington has overgrown everything else. So, maybe after he leaves, I’ll have more time to start this blog again.

So goodbye for now. Hopefully you will hear from me again in late summer. Thanks for sticking with me this far.



4 thoughts on “This is difficult…

  1. OK. Good luck with your venture. I’ll see you when you return.

    Perhaps in the meantime you can keep a running notebook of topics that you’d like to write about so that when you return you can hit the ground running! πŸ™‚


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