This is difficult…

Hey everyone,

I’m here to announce that I am taking a hiatus. I don’t want to, but it seems like the best thing to do. How long? That’s the hardest part. I probably won’t touch this blog until July/August.


Well, I have a lot going on. A lot. There are huge changes happening at my company and I’m going to be putting in a lot of late nights. I need to try and make time for my creative projects for my own sanity, and most importantly, my boyfriend has decided to move out in July.

We aren’t breaking up (he says) but apparently his hatred for Wilmington has overgrown everything else. So, maybe after he leaves, I’ll have more time to start this blog again.

So goodbye for now. Hopefully you will hear from me again in late summer. Thanks for sticking with me this far.


Welcome 2016!

I was so excited, so so excited, to start my vacation after holiday deadlines were over. I was going to cook, clean, play my dulcimer and guitar, have some wine, play computer games, cross stitch, and more activities I can’t usually pull off during the workweek or even the weekends for that matter!

Then it happened. On Christmas. I stupidly left a glass of water near my laptop and exited the apartment. Enter: cat. Cat paw + water. You can get the idea…

I have a pretty expensive laptop I’ve been babying for like three years so I was pretty upset when I saw it had water damage. My wonderful, handy boyfriend set up a drying chamber for me and we left it alone for a few days while I attempted to still have fun and not worry about my livelihood or my job or any of the things I need my laptop to do (basically everything).

So after about 3.5 days of drying, I tested it out. When my desktop loaded, my heart swelled. It worked! However…the keyboard and trackpad did not. Well, barely. the “i” key typed “ui”, the “m” didn’t work, a lot of keys on the right side were shot. and I could move the cursor for only a bit before it would crap out. I bought a USB keyboard from Target but it barely worked. I knew I had to get a Mac keyboard and also settled for an Apple mouse because the magic trackpad was way over my budget. But…it works! I can do stuff again! Like blog and design and play and work! I couldn’t be happier.

So…I hope everyone had a GREAT new year! I feel like this year is going to bring in some awesome changes. Justin and I sat down yesterday and discussed what steps we are going to take to make our dreams finally come true.

This means making some tough decisions. No longer going out, not spending money on pricier, “nicer” foods, using what we have before purchasing more, etc. We both have debt, and our credit isn’t very good, and we want to buy a house and land. I’m very excited to make these changes and begin to clear up the debt. I feel like life is about to become simpler, more meaningful, especially if we are able to reach our goal.

It’s exciting to shift gears, and also scary. We went from worrying about being homeless, to having sustainable incomes, to being able to go out and enjoy ourselves, to now buckling down and really focusing on our future. I’m excited to update more and record our new journey!