A Few Steps Back

Okay, so if you recall, a while ago I decided to go gluten free to see if some of my issues would change. I quit after a few weeks because I saw no difference. Here is where my weaknesses step into play: I can be a little impatient.

It’s time to go back to being gluten free. I fully believe I have at least an intolerance if not a complete allergy. Last Friday I had a night to myself so I “treated” myself to pizza and garlic knots. Lots of bread, lots of wheat. The next day I woke up to pain in my gut, and digestive issues that still have not subsided. I have no other symptoms indicating something more serious, so it’s time to once again adjust my diet.

I will be deleting gluten yet again. This past weekend is not the first time I’ve had issues since I quit, and I’m sick of feeling sick!

Luckily, Justin returned from his trip home with tons of fresh veggies from his grandma’s garden, and tons of home canned goods, all free of gluten (not sure about the jams, but I’m not really a jam girl anyway).

I’m excited once again about the benefits, and am even more motivated than ever! I’ll be updating more about what I’m eating and cooking.

In other news, I turned 26 last Friday! It was a fun weekend full of friends, good food (glutinous food…but I regret nothing!), and good times!

Tata for now!

Why Dandelions are Awesome

The first house I ever lived in was a fairly large, very old farmhouse on a large plot of land in a rural town in Connecticut. Our doctor lived just up the road and our neighbor old man Probst would visit from time to time. It was nice, quiet living for my family of five.

I have a very distinct memory of my dad bringing me outside with a bucket, and he told me to pick the dandelion leaves. I was confused at first but then he popped one in his mouth and ate it! I had no idea, but he’s my dad, so I followed suit. Maybe this is where I got my leafy greens addiction.

I hate when they are called weeds. Dandelions are not weeds. They are a healthy, harvestable edible plant that could save your life if you’re ever lost in the woods with no food! And they literally grow everywhere. Everywhere.


Roots: You can use the roots to make tea. You just can cook them and eat them. You can also use them to make a tincture. The roots can help to detox the kidneys, alleviate skin problems, fight fever, aid in digestion, and a multitude of other issues.

Greens: SALAD! Of course. Put ’em on a pizza, put ’em on a sammich, you can do anything with these greens. They are slightly bitter but seriously delicious.

Flowers: Yes, you can eat these bright bursts of sunshine. You can use them to make wine. Dandelion wine. It sounds like something teeny little sparkly fairies would drink from a chalice made out of a buttercup. You can make syrup, jelly, or you can just fry them up!

Here is a link to a list of 40 things to do with dandelions:


Always make sure you are using plants that have NOT been sprayed with chemicals or pesticide!



I was going to update my blog this weekend with a post about a new endeavor, but I feel this takes precedence.

We are all aware of hurricane Joaquin, and being on the coast is no joke right now. I am more inland, which is keeping me much safer than I would be a couple miles out. That being said, this is a legit disaster and five people have already died in Columbia, SC, where one of my closest friends lives. The pump station across from my complex has been issuing a siren for the past two hours, something I’ve never heard in the year and a half I’ve lived here.

Make sure you have adequate food and water, flashlights, batteries, and keep everything charged.

Stay safe please!!