Ugh! I hate when I accidentally take a hiatus!

It’s not that I forgot about my blog or anything, I just randomly got like super, super busy. Work exploded, the apartment exploded, desperately trying to get organized, cross stitch commissions, binging on Z Nation and being a couch potato… you know how it goes.

Anyways, I’ve had some ideas bouncing around in my head. More ways to live simply and organically.

My whole life I’ve been drawn to plants and herbs. Growing up, I didn’t have very many friends so I usually found myself in the kitchen with my VERY Italian mom while she cooked. I learned a lot about homemade food preparation, safe handling methods, flavor profiles, etc. This came in handy once I was on my own (I’ll never forget the time my older sister called from college asking how to boil water…-sigh-) because I was able to make things last longer, which was awesome during the broke art school days.

Lately the interest has been sparked again. I really want to be able to use plants and herbs for more than just flavoring foods. I want to have the knowledge and know-how to use them medicinally. I’ve been on Pinterest almost all morning, reading about Herbology, and I cannot wait to start learning more!

So be prepared for more posts about herbs and their healing powers and properties. I’m really excited, I want to buy like every single book on the subject. I know I already have some books at my parents house, so I need to hold it together and not spend too much money until July when we make the six hour car ride down there, and I will happily rummage through boxes of my old stuff to find them.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Coughing and Sneezing

I’m usually late for things. I didn’t watch Lost until well after it was over, and I STILL haven’t finished the Harry Potter series (I know).

So, with all that in mind, my body decided to wait until March to bless me with a truly not wonderful sinus infection.

It’s day three¬†of coughing and sneezing and even more gross symptoms. I try very hard not to take pills (I will if I need antibiotics or if a symptom gets so bad I can’t work or function, but if I can get through it without them, I’ll get through it.) Day three has been a little kinder to me. I’ve been healing and feeling much better, and here’s why.

I’ve been using Apple Cidar Vinegar and cayenne pepper to my advantage. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of ACV with warm water, as a couple dashes of cayenne, a squeeze of lemon, and either raw honey, 100% maple syrup, or some stevia to take the edge off. It will definitely help to clear out those sinuses!

The other thing I’ve been using is what I call “Spicy Health Soup”. My boyfriend came up with it. It’s pretty simple, really, just use organic chicken or vegetable broth, an entire globe of chopped garlic (a globe is the whole head, cloves are the individual pieces), an entire onion, some chopped carrots, celery, and any kind of spicy pepper you want. We used habanero, but its up to you! Add in healing herbs like rosemary, bring to a boil, boil for about five minutes, lower the heat and let it sit for about thirty minutes so the flavors all come together.

Serve and let the healing begin! It’s good the keep a tissue box nearby, cause both the soup and the drink can and will make your nose run., which is half the point. The other half is that these recipes are chock full of antioxidants and ingredients full of healing power.

Be well!

The Importance of Friendship

This weekend was a blast.

We had our neighbors over, and we made our own pizzas, and we drank some good wine, and we played Clue. It was amazing and I want to do it all the time.

I made a pizza using Udi’s gluten free pizza crust, and while I did not like their frozen pizza, their crust with my own ingredients was a-maz-ing!!!!

I used a ton of toppings – garlic oil, mozzarella, asiago, romano, parmesan, mushrooms, spinach, bacon and and prosciutto, jalapeno, and truffle salt on top. Oh my lord I ate the whole damn thing and did not feel bad one bit.



It was just so much fun and Justin and I usually have kind of a hard time making real friends…we both have our own separate besties, but our neighbors here in Wilmington are the first people we both met and just instantly we all became friends. But with friendship comes community: We make large batches of soup and share, they went away for two weeks and gave us their produce, we looked after their dog, they helped us out during the painful car accident, we returned the favor with a little bit of money, and it’s just a legitimate constant back and forth born from a real, true liking of one another.

It’s a new thing for us. We’re not unlikable people or anything (I’m pretty sure…) but it’s always been kind of separate. While I am going through some personal issues that I cannot post here, having close friends that are also literally right next to us is absolutely amazing. It makes me feel like I have a mini family, a mini community, that I can truly trust.

Community is important. It can catch you when nothing else can. It can make you feel important, loved, and appreciated. Reach beyond and grasp what is there – the true kindness and love that other people really do possess, despite the horrible things that happen in the world every day.

No 50 Shades of Me this week. It’s been way too good to dwell on problems of the past.