Today is going to be a little difficult for me. I’ve realized recently that I have too much stuff. I also realized that I have too much of one particular thing in general, and that is….books.

I know, I know, one can never have too many books. And I love all of my books dearly, but I know that hiding in the depths of my bookshelf are volumes that deserve to find a better home.

A couple years ago I got really into minimalism and donated at least ten trash bags of clothes, trinkets, and things I just hadn’t touched in many years. But I’ve never been able to bring myself to get rid of my books, even those I haven’t opened since high school.

But I’m going to push myself to do this. I’ll have more room on my shelves for storage, which should help clear up the mess in the office, and hopefully give rest to my mind! All the books I decide to part with will be donated to the Salvation Army, of course.

GF Pizza Review

So Justin surprised me with a frozen gluten free pepperoni pizza the other night. It was Udi’s brand, and since I LOVE their bread, I fully expected their pizza to be just as amazing.

Unfortunately I was let down. I followed the directions but thank goodness I checked on the pizza before it was done, because it had started to melt through the oven grate! I had to take it out, place it on a cooling rack on top of a baking sheet, and let it finish cooking that way.

The taste was fairly bland and weirdly sweet. I wouldn’t buy it again. So, Udi’s bread = Yes. Udi’s frozen pizza = No. Win some, lose some.


50 Shades of Me post tomorrow, and possibly one on Monday if I decide to switch my weekly post. If you haven’t read about this project yet, click here or click the link in my menu.


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