Five Days

It has been five days since I went gluten free, and I only slipped up once! I had a small quesadilla yesterday, because I was so hungry. Why was I so hungry? Oh, no reason. I was just really dumb and went GF when my budget was too small to stock up, even though I posted a whole GF “Stock up” post a few days ago!

Do as I say, not as I do…

Well yesterday we got paid and I was finally able to get to the store. I have it all now: Fruits, veggies, proteins, snacks, and a loaf of Udi’s whole wheat gluten free bread. I tried the bread today, and I am completely in love.

It’s very light, but still tastes and feels like genuine bread. And although it was light, and the actual loaf is very small, I felt comfortably full after my sandwich. I didn’t get tired after, like I used to after eating bread, which was great for my workday. I’ll definitely continue to buy Udis until I decide to try and make my own gluten free bread. I was afraid my addiction to sandwiches was going to pose a problem, but not anymore!

photo 2

I also bought some apples last night…Have you ever heard of an Envy apple? I couldn’t decide what kind of apple to get and there they were, hidden behind a display, and I had never heard of them before but they spoke to me. I grabbed two and went home.

Oh. My. Glob. They are incredible! Sweet, crisp, apple-y, perfect. I can’t get over them. I know, thats what an apple usually tastes like, but just…try them. Check out their website here, too.  Non-GMO, grown in New Zealand and Washington, and I want to buy a thousand and eat them raw, make cider, make pie, and basically make people think I’m a Disney Evil Queen with all my apples.

That’s it for now! Celebrating Friday and five days GF (with one slip up!)!

Stay safe and be well!


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