Unrelated Post

As the title suggests, this post is not about my recent change to a gluten-free lifestyle or anything.

For a while now, I’ve been collecting vintage cameras. I don’t have too many, just an Argus from the 1950s, a really cool fold-out camera from the 1920s, and a Praktina from the 1950s.

I got the Praktina at a flea market about two summers ago – the guy basically gave it to me because he’d been trying to sell it for a while and I basically wouldn’t put it down. It’s been on my shelf since then, but all morning while I was working, I was thinking about how I used to be really into photography and how it’d be cool to get back into it. While I don’t have the budget for a new camera, I then thought, “Hey, why not use a vintage camera that you already own?”

I googled how to tell if a vintage camera still works, and it looks like out of the tree the Praktina functions. And as I was checking the parts, I realized there is actually a roll of film inside.

I don’t know how long it’s been there, or what is on it. I really want to get it developed but I’m kind of scared of what may be on it! What if there are vintage raunchy photos?!

But my main question is does anyone have experience with vintage film cameras? What should I look out for/keep in mind when (possibly) going forward with using one?



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