So far…

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in real quick halfway through my first gluten free day!

So far things are going well. I had organic scrambled eggs this morning. Back in Charlotte, when my parents lived only two hours away, I had a pretty constant supply of true organic, free range, farm fresh eggs straight from their chickens. Now, since I don’t see them as often, I do the best that I can. I’ve been researching some local farms, and in the meantime I buy Full Circle organic, cage free eggs.

For lunch just now I had leftover homemade chili made with organic, grass fed beef. I’m actually not a huge chili fan but we had all the stuff to make it and needed to use up some veggies that were about to go so…It all went into the cast iron pot for chili. I don’t like to waste things so I’ll help to eat it before it goes bad!

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing for dinner tonight. I do have a thing of gluten free pasta, and some of my mom’s homemade pasta sauce in the freezer (which, I guarantee you, does not have anything other than tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil) so I may just do that.

I’m feeling pretty good so far. Usually I’m fighting to keep my eyes open around this time and I’m fully awake so that’s good, and definitely a big change. Justin and I have also started a bike riding regimen, and I’m hoping that after a month of peddling uphill through the surrounding neighborhoods, soon my legs will resemble Taylor Swift’s. If I’m lucky.

We finally got Justin’s Subaru back from the mechanic so now things can start to go back to normal and we’ll have two cars again! And now it’s back to work for me. Break’s over!

Stay well!


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