Early Morning Thoughts

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted at all…after the car thing I got kind of down, especially since “the system” seems to be working against my boyfriend and I no matter what we do. And money is tight again, our workloads heavy, escaping my reality with Minecraft, etc.

But today I’m feeling better. My wonderful, amazing parents are loaning me a car, a very reliable Volvo, and Justin’s car should be out of the shop in a few days so that will return us somewhat back to normal, money issues aside.

So during my pre-work ritual I was browsing around on Facebook, where I follow Lauren Geertson’s page, Empowered Sustenance (I am obsessed with her blog, and really admire this brave lady for taking charge of her life the way that she did) and she posted a link, which took me to a website called Eat Local Grown, which took me to more articles, and lead me to this one.

Now obviously I know about the gluten free diet, but I honestly never really read up on the symptoms of gluten intolerance, just the benefits of being gluten free. But when I read this article I was shocked! I have 7 out of the 10 symptoms listed.

So I have made the choice to try out being gluten free!

I’m not going to rush into it and go too fast. A lifestyle change takes time. I need to do my research, figure out what exactly I am doing and eating, and I plan on recording it all here on my little blog 🙂

It’s going to be really hard for me because since I was a little girl, bread has been on my top three favorite foods. But I’m ready to exchange it for serious health benefits. Seriously, if I can reverse even just a few some of the symptoms I have, I will be so happy.

So off I go, on my new adventure, and I’m so excited about the future results!


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