Chip Addiction

Two blog posts in one day? What is going on with me?! I had to post again because I like sharing and I did something…kinda cool.

Confession: I love chips. I’d eat bagel chips all day if I could. Pita chips? Yes please. Cape Cod potato chips? 24/7. It’s a terrible, terrible addiction.

So I was craving chips but my boyfriend took my car today so I couldn’t go get any and didn’t have any. But what I did have was carrots that were about to go bad. I vaguely remembered carrot chips being a thing, so I pulled ’em out and got going!



This is a pretty simple recipe. But I have a few things I want to point out, and I’ll do that as I go. Here is what you need:

Carrots (I used four)

Avocado oil (Or any kind of oil EXCEPT olive. You should never cook with olive oil.)


Preheat oven to 425. Line a baking sheet with parchment (I only had foil but parchment is better). Slice the carrots. Thin is better!



Place in a bowl, drizzle with oil and salt. Place a bigger bowl on top of that bowl and shake to evenly coat (pictured below to show what I mean)



Place on the baking sheet, make sure none are overlapping and are spaced well.


Bake for about ten minutes or until “crispy”.  Let them cool, and enjoy! Here is where I messed up: I accidentally cut my carrots a little too thick. Looking back, broiling a little after they had been baked could have helped but I already stored the leftovers away.


I truly enjoyed these, although they didn’t have the crunch I was craving. The natural sweetness of the carrot was balanced by the salt. The lingering aftertaste was delightful. I would love to make a big batch of these for days I have to go into the office.


Please let me know if you try these out! If you do anything different or have other methods, I would love to know!


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