A Loss is a Loss…

Okay guys, here’s the deal.

Two nights ago, my boyfriend was driving my car home from work because his Subaru has a blown head gasket. He was stopped in traffic when a young woman blasted through a yellow light and smashed into him, wedging my car beneath a large SUV. Everybody is okay, except for Justin’s whiplash.

Since my car is was old and also the smallest car involved in the accident…well, my sweet Bella is dead.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 6.27.38 AM


….I could talk about a lot of things right now. I could take about my anger at losing the car I loved and took care of for 9 years. I could talk about the woman who hit my car, and how she lied to the police to make my boyfriend seem at fault (even though she hit him). I could talk about how the police officer spoke to me and Justin like we were idiots, called our papers “junk”, and mixed everything up.

But really, I just miss my car so much. And I’ve been beating myself up because, as one of my friends so lovingly put it, “It’s just a material object.”

I’ve been thinking about that, and why it’s so wrong to love inanimate things. I got my car when I was 16. She was a part of me. I’ve laughed on road trips, I’ve cried on the steering wheel, slept in the front seat, moved her across numerous states, fixed her, washed her…

So I allowed myself to feel angry. I let myself get enraged, furious, scream and cry until my face turned crimson. I allowed myself to feel these negative emotions because it’s okay. It’s healthy. It’s human.

It’s so important to focus on the good: no one got seriously injured, my neighbors generously helped us through the turmoil, my parents are letting us borrow their third car until I can get another one. But if you go through something like this, where something or someone you loved unconditionally is suddenly ripped away from you, it’s okay to let yourself get mad. It doesn’t make you cynical, pessimistic, or negative. It makes you human.

So…that’s it, really. Don’t be afraid to be human.



Big Change

Hello everyone! I have news!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.00.59 AM


This is what I used to look like.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.52.44 AM


This is what I look like now!

Yup, I chopped it all off. Two 8 inch braids got sent off for donation. And everyone has been asking me why.

“Your hair was so long and naturally curly and beautiful, why did you cut it off?” I’ve gotten this question, word for word, a couple times. I’d like to explain why I lobbed off my locks.

I wanted a “reset”. Yeah, my hair is naturally curly, but was also frizzy, damaged from heat, uneven, took too long to wash, too over a day to dry, always felt dirty and matted, and took way too long to style. As a result, I stopped taking care of it, straightened it way too much because it was “easier to manage” when it was straight, attempted my own “trims” which only resulted in weird layers and uneven length, and did nothing but pull it up in a crappy bun and let it bring my self esteem down.

So my boyfriend took me to a salon and we both got our hair cut. And I am really happy with the result!

So now I’m going to start taking care of my hair the right way: No heat (Except for my bangs on special occasion, because I do know how to trim bangs and will be doing that regularly). Coconut oil treatments on a regular basis. I’ve been reading about raw hair care, but I’ve got to do a little more research before I can either try it or speak to it.

I’ll be researching and reporting on my journey through holistic hair care and the healing process. I’m very excited about it.

Well, I’ve got a super busy day ahead of me so I better scoot. Be well my friends!

Chip Addiction

Two blog posts in one day? What is going on with me?! I had to post again because I like sharing and I did something…kinda cool.

Confession: I love chips. I’d eat bagel chips all day if I could. Pita chips? Yes please. Cape Cod potato chips? 24/7. It’s a terrible, terrible addiction.

So I was craving chips but my boyfriend took my car today so I couldn’t go get any and didn’t have any. But what I did have was carrots that were about to go bad. I vaguely remembered carrot chips being a thing, so I pulled ’em out and got going!



This is a pretty simple recipe. But I have a few things I want to point out, and I’ll do that as I go. Here is what you need:

Carrots (I used four)

Avocado oil (Or any kind of oil EXCEPT olive. You should never cook with olive oil.)


Preheat oven to 425. Line a baking sheet with parchment (I only had foil but parchment is better). Slice the carrots. Thin is better!



Place in a bowl, drizzle with oil and salt. Place a bigger bowl on top of that bowl and shake to evenly coat (pictured below to show what I mean)



Place on the baking sheet, make sure none are overlapping and are spaced well.


Bake for about ten minutes or until “crispy”.  Let them cool, and enjoy! Here is where I messed up: I accidentally cut my carrots a little too thick. Looking back, broiling a little after they had been baked could have helped but I already stored the leftovers away.


I truly enjoyed these, although they didn’t have the crunch I was craving. The natural sweetness of the carrot was balanced by the salt. The lingering aftertaste was delightful. I would love to make a big batch of these for days I have to go into the office.


Please let me know if you try these out! If you do anything different or have other methods, I would love to know!

Sinus Combat!

It’s definitely that time of year…I would have posted something like this earlier but here in NC we finally got winter in January!

But this dry weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses. It’s been awful. I won’t go into too much detail about my gross sinuses.

I’m not one to reach for pills or chemicals too often (unless it’s something serious), so I went online and found something I could make in my own kitchen, with natural ingredients I already had!

This recipe is from Popsugar. You can find the original here.


Apple Cider Vinegar Brew

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper or to taste

lemon juice

Boil water. Combine water with apple cider vinegar in a small glass. Stir in honey and cayenne and top with lemon juice.

Voila! Now this stuff is a little intense…if you’re not used to the kick of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper, proceed with caution. The honey definitely takes the edge off, and honestly, I find it quite delightful albeit just a little bit rough. Keep a spoon or something to stir it with nearby because the pepper that doesn’t dissolve will settle and it’s better to keep everything swirling around.

I’m drinking it right now as I type this and my sinuses are already feeling a lot better. I’m breathing just a bit easier and the inside of my nose doesn’t feel like it’s about to crack!

Thank you, little miracle brew!




PS: As always, try to use organic products. I’m going through my last bottle of not-organic vinegar before I buy the kind I prefer. Of course, if you can’t, generic is fine. This shouldn’t be used as medicine if you have an actual sinus infection. Left untreated, sinus infections can lead to much bigger problems. If you think you have a sinus infection, please go to the doctor and try this after you get medicine to ease the symptoms.

Be well, my friends!