Coffee Magic



I’ve read that it’s awful for you, I’ve read that it has antioxidants…but the bottom line is, I love coffee, I love with with a lot of soy milk, I love the ritual of making it in the morning and I have to admit, it could be a love affair.

I always felt bad tossing the grounds though. Before we moved here and began contributing to the covert compost pile our awesome neighbors had started, we just tossed it in the garbage.

Quite a bit of research in, I found out there is so much more you can do with coffee grounds! Now, I haven’t tried these, and this is just a small list so far, but when my life calms down and I really figure out my schedule, I’m going to start trying them out.

1. Compost – I mentioned this already, but the grounds add necessary nitrogen to the compost.

2. Pin cushions – make a coffee ground pincushion! The coffee grounds will keep needles from rusting. Dry the grounds first in the freezer for about two hours.

3. Clean your hands after chopping garlic or onions – Rub some coffee grounds into your hands after chopping the healthy but smelly food stuffs to clear the odor!

4. Replace baking soda in your fridge – the coffee grounds will absorb that nasty fridge smell!

5. Paint – use coffee grounds as water as paint to create vintagey, isntagram worthy masterpieces!


Not a coffee drinker? No problem! Most coffee shops, Starbucks included, will give you their used grounds for free!

See more usage at these sites here:


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